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Welcome to my guestbook. I decided when I redesigned this site with a 90s feel that traditional comments were not sympathetic to websites of that era. So, I implemented an old school guestbook instead.

Audrey Audrey wrote on 21 Nov 2020:
You have an amazing website and interesting blogs. I was wondering if you hard coded all the blogs (html files) or pull it all up from a database. I'm inclined to believe this isn't a CMS based website.

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Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
Thank you so much. This site is actually based on WordPress, but it's running a custom theme with only the basics that I need. It's also aggressively cached and uses a CDN, so performs pretty close to a static site.
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Bender Bender wrote on 15 Nov 2020:
New redesign is clutch! Good work!
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Admin Reply by: Kev Quirk
I don't know what "clutch" means (except in the context of an engine), but I assume that's a good thing, so thank you. 🙂
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